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Choose Your Skydive Experience!

At Skydive Vancouver Island there is a variety of ways you can add to your Tandem Skydive story. Whether it's capturing those once in a lifetime photos or going on the highest Tandem Skydive on Vancouver Island, we have options that will take your experience to the next level of awesome! 

Our focus is to give you the best skydiving experience possible. We can accommodate singles to large groups! Your smile might be a little bigger when you see our Weekday and Group savings! Wanting to learn to skydive on your own? We have amazing Learn to Skydive Camps waiting for you! Create your adventure today!



Leave your everyday worries behind when you travel up to 10,000 feet above the beaches of Vancouver Island. Feel the rush of adrenaline overtake you while you flip out of the airplane into a 200km/h and about 40 second freefall.

Finally, breath in the moment and the panoramic ocean and mountain views while soaring your way back to our skydive centre! Your friends and family can all be at the landing area watching your experience from the moment you leave the plane to the excitement you'll share once you've landed. 

$395 per person*

*Does not include the cost of Video & Pictures

*5% GST will apply

Selfie Cam Experience

We know you will never forget your Tandem Skydive but it is even better when you can share it with family and friends through pictures and a fully edited video of the entire experience!

Upgrade your Tandem Skydive with the Selfie Cam video and picture package where your instructor will capture your epic moments! Within hours of your skydive you will be reliving your skydive through the video and pictures we send to your email that you can share with the world! 

$105 per person*

*Does not include the cost of the Skydive

*5% GST will apply

Pro Cam Experience

We skydive in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada and when you upgrade to the Pro Cam Experience, it is the ultimate in capturing you surrounded by the unbeatable breathtaking scenery!

Our Pro Cam video and picture package gets all the best angles of your skydive from one of our videographers flying around you in the sky, as well as, the selfie cam captured by your Tandem Instructor! Your pictures and videos are sent to you within hours of your skydive right to your email and ready to be shared with others!

$225 per person*

*Does not include the cost of the Skydive

*5% GST will apply

Vancouver Island 12,500 Experience

The Vancouver Island 12,500 Experience not only has you skydiving from great heights, it provides everything to enhance the overall adventure providing the most epic experience of them all! 

You will not only experience the highest Tandem Skydive on Vancouver Island and freefall for 60 seconds, you will be capturing it all with our Pro Cam video and picture package, sporting a new Skydive Vancouver Island custom hoodie, and capping it all off with an exclusive gift certificate from The Lavender Shop at Arbutus Meadows Farm! 

$775 per person*

*5% GST will apply

Awesome Weekday Savings

Work Hard Play Harder right?! What about taking the day off of work and adding an awesome adventure of a Tandem Skydive to your weekday! Here at Skydive Vancouver Island we love the weekdays! While you are embracing the moment of your skydive experience, you can smile even more knowing you are saving some of that hard earned money of yours just by booking on a weekday!

SAVE $20 per person on ANY 

Tandem Skydive Experiences!

Applies to bookings Monday to Friday 

Awesome Group Savings

Everyone in your group will walk away relishing in the accomplishment of Tandem Skydiving from a perfectly great airplane from high above Vancouver Island, launching themselves into a 200km/hr freefall and steering the parachute back to the skydive centre.

However, the next best part of your story is that you saved money without giving up the options that enhance the experience and there are no hidden or unexpected costs once you booked!


Groups of 3 or more SAVE $20 per person on ANY of our Tandem Skydive Experiences!

Skydive Vancouver Island Group Savings
Learn To Skydive

Have you been wanting to learn how to skydive on your own? Skydive Vancouver Island offers a Learn to Skydive Program that consists of a camp over six (6) consecutive days which will teach you the skills required to become a competent solo skydiver.

With the support and guidance of our qualified instructors, we will take you through the ten (10) jump program to help you successfully achieve your Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA) Solo Certification! We will provide you with all the equipment and tools you will need for the camp. Students must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Learn to Skydive Program.

$3,500 per person

SAVE $250 when you pay in advance

Screenshot (9).png
Enhance the Experience

Wanting to make the magic of your experience continue after your skydive, we have a couple options that will surely leave you in awe!

Take a stroll on the Arbutus Meadows Farm and find the perfect place to spread your picnic blanket, recline, eat a gourmet picnic, and relish the awesomeness of your experience! 

If you are looking for that romantic option after your skydive, Arbutus Meadows Farm is pleased to offer a luxury picnic experience for very unique and memorable moments. A charming bell tent appointed elegantly with fine linens, dishware and décor set by a secluded. tranquil pond stocked with trout awaits your arrival.

Luxury Picnic AMF.jpg
Skydive Student Safety Criteria
  • Tandem Skydive Students must 16 years of age or older

    • Students 16 & 17 years of age require parent/guardian consent​

  • Learn to Skydive students must be 18 years of age or older​

  • Skydive Students must complete in full Skydive Vancouver Islands Liability Waiver prior to their skydive

  • Tandem Skydive Students must be within the weight range criteria

    • Male Students must be over 90lbs (40.8kgs) and below 220lbs (99.8kgs)

    • Female Students must be over 90lbs (40.8kgs) and below 210lbs (95.3kgs)

    • It may be possible for students up to but not exceeding 245lbs (111.3kg) to safely participate in a skydive if they meet further criteria such as height, body shape, and instructor availability, however an additional charge of $30 will be applied to the skydive experience for anyone over 230pds (104.3kg). It is strongly recommended you contact us by email or phone 250-580-5867 prior to booking your skydive.

If you have any questions about these criteria, or any other safety concerns with your Skydive, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will happily assist with your individual needs. 

*All pricing subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 5%

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