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Learn to Skydive

Have you been wanting to learn how to skydive on your own?

Skydive Vancouver Island offers a Learn to Skydive Program that consists of a camp over six (6) consecutive days which will teach you the skills required to become a competent solo skydiver. 

Learn to Skydive: Ground School

This includes 3 hours of ground training consisting of instruction in signals recognition and response, altitude and proximity awareness, proper body position and main parachute activation at the required altitude. You will also be coached in canopy flight techniques. Booking in advance is required. Bookings can be done online or by calling us at 250-580-JUMP(5867). A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required upon booking.

Cost $150

Advanced Tandem Skydive 

Following your ground school training, under the direct supervision of your Tandem Master you will be tasked with putting your new found knowledge to work in freefall and under canopy.

Cost $470

Level 1: Progressive FreeFall 

Now you are flying, you are your own master. You will be responsible for: Signals recognition and response, altitude and proximity awareness, proper body position and main parachute activation at the required altitude as well as canopy analysis, control and landing.

Cost $425

Level 2: Progressive FreeFall

Heading control, the ability to start and stop turns within a 45-degree range in freefall and expanding your parachute flight skills.

Cost $425

Level 3: Progressive FreeFall

New exit skills and the ability to vary your rate of descent. Also develop the ability to move forward and continue to develop your parachute control skills.

Cost $300

Level 4: Progressive FreeFall

Complete 90 and 360 degree turns and develop new techniques in flying your parachute.

Cost $300

Level 5: Progressive FreeFall

Complete two 360 degree controlled turns, deploy your main parachute at the correct altitude and land without assistance within 50 meters of your target.

Cost $300

Level 6: Progressive FreeFall

Gear selection and pre-check, all pre-boarding requirements with jump rehearsal, proper boarding procedures, pilot briefing, inflight responsibilities, proper exit procedures, freefall control, parachute activation at the required altitude and landing within 50 meters of the designated target.

Cost $300

Learn To Skydive at Skydive Vancouver Island

DON'T STOP THERE! Get yourself ready to jump anywhere in Canada with your completed Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA) Solo Certification!

The Next Three Jumps

Time to practice and strengthen your new skills! Are you ready for back loops out of the plane, 360 degree turns, and accurate landings? You will work through these next jumps and fine tune some of your techniques skydiving on your own!

Cost $175 per jump

Check Out Skydive from 5,000 feet

This is possibly the most important skill accomplishment, as it represents graduation from close instructor supervision. From here, the novice can set out on his or her own rate of learning with a lower level of monitoring by an Instructor or Coach.

Cost $150

CSPA Solo License Exam & Membership 

Joining CSPA as a Registered Participant allows you the ability to skydive around the world at any CSPA affiliated dropzone. Affiliation also includes:

  • access to $3M Third Party Liability Insurance

  • access to a max. $10,000 from the Defense Fund

  • our magazine, CanPara (5-6 times a year, Canada & US residents only)

  • the ability to progress as a certified skydiver and earn other ratings,

  • and so much more!

Cost $105 (Yearly Fee) + $50 Solo Certification License Fee

Pay As You Go or Save When You Pay In Advance 

Pay as You Go Total Cost $3,500*

Pay in Advance Total Cost $3,250*

*All prices are subject to 5% GST. Visa/Debit/MasterCard/AMEX/Cash all accepted. Payment is due prior to the start of each training session.

  • All skydive candidates must be in good physical condition, their weight must be below 240 pounds, and  they must be 18 years of age or older.

  • The Learn to Skydive Program is designed to be completed within six (6) consecutive days during allocated camp dates. Levels not completed satisfactorily are repeated at an individually discounted price rate.

  • Participants must be prepared for a minimum of eight (8) hours of a combination of classroom and skydiving activities each day throughout the course. 

  • No prior skydive experience is required to take the Learn to Skydive Program

If you have any questions please contact us directly at or by phone at 250-580-JUMP(5967)

2024 Learn to Skydive Camps

Get ready for a week of learning, new friends, and an adventure in awesomeness! Select the week that works for you and either book online (select the camp week that you want and that will register you for the entire six day duration of the camp) or call us directly at 250-580-JUMP(5867)! Each camp begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Monday. 

  •   June 26th thru July 1st

  •   July 3rd thru July 8th

  •   July 10th thru July 15th

  •   July 17th thru July 22nd

  •   July 24th thru July 29th

  •   September 4th thru September 9th

*All participants must arrive at the dropzone by 8:30am each day during the camp and plan to spend a full day learning and skydiving. Overnight accommodations can be provided upon request. 

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