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Weekday and Group Savings

Skydive Vancouver Island

awesome weekday savings

We offer discounted rates during the weekday (Monday thru Friday) providing you $20 off per person on any Tandem Skydive Experience you choose! That is right, you pick your experience and you save just for booking on a weekday! ​Weekday savings cannot be combined with any other promotional offers. However, weekday savings will be combined with our group savings. Yes, that means a savings of $40 per person when you book a group of three (3) or more family or friends on the weekdays!

Skydive Vancouver Island operates from Mid-April to October 31st every year! We are open 5 days a week to give you the most opportunity to book your skydive experience on a day that works best for your schedule! Every Tuesday and Wednesday we are closed so that we can also go explore this beautiful island with our family and friends. In the months of July and August we can get really busy so we always recommend booking your skydive in advance to give you the best opportunity to get your desired day and time.

awesome Group savings

Everyone in your group will walk away relishing in the accomplishment of Tandem Skydiving from a perfectly great airplane from high above Vancouver Island, launching themselves into a 200km/hr freefall and steering the parachute back to the skydive centre. However the next best part of your story is that you saved money without giving up the options that enhance the experience, like video and pictures, and there are no hidden or unexpected costs once you booked! 

Everyone in your group can choose the Tandem Skydive Experience that best captures what they would like and each person will receive $20 off their experience! Group savings start when a minimum of three (3) people book a skydive together. We love groups, small and large, and don't want anyone not feeling they didn't get the most amazing experience for them. Therefore, not everyone in your group has to commit to the same experience option! Some may want our Oceanside 10,000 Experience while others may go big with our Vancouver Island 12,500 Experience. No matter the option everyone will save money! To add even more to the savings, if your group books their skydive Monday through Friday, everyone also receives an additional $20 off as per our Weekday Savings! Seriously, it just doesn't get much better than that... well until of course you're flipping out of our perfectly great airplane on your skydive!


When you and your group arrive at Skydive Vancouver Island our team will provide everything you need to ensure a safe and memorable Tandem Skydive Experience. Your qualified Tandem Instructor will teach each of you the basic body positions, review any questions, and of course get your gear on. We will take either two(2) or three(3) Tandems up in our plane at a time depending on plane availability and capacity, so you will be able to buddy up and share the flight up with a friend! Each group per plane will take about 40 minutes to complete their skydive. The best part is the rest of the group can still share the fun as they watch with amazement while the plane is seen at 10,000 feet above the drop zone, hold their breath while they see you falling through the sky, hear your screams of joy when the parachute opens, and finally cheer you on when you come in for the landing back at the drop zone! Then the process repeats until everyone has experienced their skydive!

If you want to add a BBQ or a catered meal to your event, we can help you in the planning. We also offer a private lounge that can be rented for your use!

Skydive Vancouver Island Group Savings
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