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Questions Questions got-em, we have the answers :-)

  • Q.  How do I get to Skydive Vancouver Island?

    • A.  Where ever you are, you can get here from there.  Here are some travel options from Vancouver or elsewhere on the island. Click here for more details


  • Q.  How high in the plane do we go?

    • A. We offer 2 options with your choice of 10,000 feet or 12,500 feet.  You choose the experience you would like.  We measure the altitude based on height above ground rather then sea level.  At Qualicum Beach that number works out to be almost the same because we are so close to the beach.

  • Q.  How fast will we fall in freefall?

    • A. At terminal velocity we will reach speeds of up to 200kmh or 120mph

  • Q.  How long is the parachute ride?

    • A. The freefall will be about 30 seconds long from 10,000 feet or 45 seconds from 12,500 feet.  At 5000 feet above the ground your Tandem Instructor will activate the parachute and you will both float gently to the ground and land near in the designated area

  • Q.  How do you breathe in freefall?

    • A.  We give you special gills to breathe through...just kidding, you just breathe like normal.

  • Q.  What are the restrictions to skydive?

    • A.  Men must be under 220 pounds and women under 200 pounds.  If you have a current heart condition or physical ailment that prevents physical activity we prefer clearance from your doctor before you skydive.  You must be over 18, if you are under 18 you must have parental permission to skydive signed in person.

  • Q.  Do I need to make a reservation?

    • A.  Reservations are definitely recommended.  We fill up fast and would hate to disappoint you.  Call us first at        1-877-360-JUMP or (250) 580-JUMP

  • Q.  How far in advance do I need to make a reservation? 

    • A.  If you want to jump at a specific time the further in advance the better.  If you are just looking for a specific day a few days in advance will work. If you are part of a larger group (6 or more) a reservation is definitely recommended.  You can make your reservation on line here as well.

  • Q.  Do I need to make a deposit with my reservation?

    • A.  Yes a $75 deposit is required to secure your spot.  If we are weathered out we will reschedule your jump to the next convenient available time.  

  • Q.  Will the weather affect whether I am able to jump or not?

    • A.  Yes the weather is important, mostly clear skies and light winds are ideal for skydiving

  • Q.  What do I need to bring on my skydive?

    • A.  Photo ID, Emergency contact information, Medical Insurance Information, Running shoes, pants and the willingness to have the time of your life

  • Q.  Can I jump with contacts or eyeglasses?

    • A.  Yes you can, just be sure to let your tandem instructor know that you will be wearing them

  • Q.  Can I use my own camera on the jump?

    • A.  Not from the air, but we encourage you to bring friends and they can take pictures from the ground.  We do offer an option where we can take pictures for you during your skydive.

  • Q.  How long will it take from arrival to departure?

    • A.  This can vary a bit based on weather and other daily variables in the operation.  You should plan to be at the Drop Zone for up to 3 hours.  Training is about 20-30 minutes and the plane ride and skydive take about 40 minutes.  If you make your reservation for 2:00pm, plan to be there at 1:45pm and be there for up to 3 hours.  Most people are done in just over an hour but we say three in case we have weather issues or other unforeseen issues.

  • Q.  Is there food at Skydive Vancouver Island?

    • A.  Not at the office area, but there are restaurants nearby and vending machines on location.

  • Q.  I'm taking the ferry over from Vancouver.  How do I get to the Drop Zone?

    • A.  We offer a shuttle service.  Advance booking required

  • Q.  What do you accept for payment?

    • A.  We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, Debit Card (Interac) and Paypal

  • Q.  Does it feel like a roller coaster when I exit the plane?

    • A.  No it's a different sensation closer to flying then falling, you'll have to try it to understand it

  • Q.  Why do people jump out of perfectly good airplanes?

    • A.  It's the most common question about skydiving and the only answer I can think of is you have to have done it to understand it :-)

  • Q.  Is it OK if I have a beer to help me relax before the jump?

    • A.  Absolutely NOT. You can not have any alcohol, cannabis or illegal substances in your system when you jump.  Please do not consume any of these for at least 8 hours before you jump.

  • Q.  What if my parachute doesn't work?

    • A.  Your tandem master is trained to handle emergency procedures.  Your skydiving system is equipped with two parachutes; a main parachute and a reserve parachute in the event of an emergency

  • Q.  How Safe is Skydiving?

    • A.  Like rock climbing, bungee jumping or skiing, skydiving is considered to be a high risk sport.  Your safety throughout the skydive is our top priority.  The airplane you will be flying in is commercially rated and regularly inspected.  The skydiving system you will be using is considered one of the best in the world and is regularly inspected by a certified rigger.  Your Tandem Instructor is specifically trained for Tandem Skydives and has a C License (Expert) from the CSPA which is the Canadian Regulatory Body that governs Skydiving in Canada.

  • Q. Will I need to sign a Waiver?

    • Yes in order to skydive you must complete our waiver.  If you would like to fill it out now, click here.  It will be emailed to you when you make your booking.

  • Q. Do you have a plan in place for COVID-19?

    • Yes we have a comprehensive plan and strongly encourage you ​to read through the Skydive Vancouver Island COVID-19 Response Plan prior to booking you skydive experience. 

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