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The First Jump Course

The first jump course is designed for people who are curious about skydiving, have maybe already gone for a Tandem Skydive, and are ready to go Solo out of the plane! In this structured one day camp, our team will lead you through the technical & equipment knowledge, the practical skills, and the safety components. Then you will experience a Solo Skydive from 4,000 feet!

First Solo Jump Ground School

This includes five (5) hours of ground training consisting of an introduction to skydiving, technical & equipment training, in-flight procedures, exiting the aircraft, and safety procedures. You will also be coached in canopy flight techniques and landing your parachute with the assistance through radio communication. 

Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)
First Solo Skydive

Once you have successfully completed the ground school training, our experienced instructors will walk you through each step of your solo skydive. You will get a chance to practice this on the ground before gearing up and getting ready to take flight to 4,000 feet! You will have an instructor in the aircraft (Jump Master) to finalize gear checks and assist the deployment of your parachute (Instructor Assisted Deployment) as you exit the plane! There is roughly 3 seconds of freefall before the parachute is above you. You will be assisted while steering your parachute through radio communications with our specialized ground control instructor (GCI).  The GCI will assist your through your canopy flight and landing. Once you have landed you will receive a debrief of your skydive with your instructor and watch the video of your experience!

Total Cost of the First Jump Course is $325*

*All prices are subject to 5% GST. Visa/Debit/MasterCard/AMEX/Cash all accepted. Payment is due prior to the start of the ground school. A $50 deposit is collected upon booking and will be reduced from the total balance the day of the scheduled course.

  • All skydive candidates must be in good physical condition, their weight must be below 240 pounds, and the must be18 years of age or older.

  • The First Solo Skydive Course is designed to be completed within six (6) hours although all participants should be prepared for possible delays such as weather and/or winds.

  • Courses are planned daily Thursdays to Sundays throughout the skydiving season (excluding some weeks in May and June).

  • Pre-Booking is required to take the First Jump Course

  • No prior skydive experience is required to take the First Jump Course 

  • The course dates below are available currently.  There is limited space available

If you have any questions please contact us directly at or by phone at 250-580-JUMP(5967)

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