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What is the Vancouver Island 12,500 Experience?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Adventure meets freedom at Skydive Vancouver Island! Whether skydiving is on your bucket list or you're celebrating a milestone, skydiving is an opportunity to create your own story and why not enhance it by traveling up to 12,500 feet (the highest Tandem Skydive on Vancouver Island)! You will feel the exhilaration of travelling for about 60 seconds of freefall reaching speeds of 200km/h before your parachute opens. While steering your parachute back to the skydive centre, you will be left mesmerized by the stunning beauty of the ocean and mountains that surround Qualicum Beach. And that is just your skydive! We take care of all the little details that take this skydive from remarkable to unquestionably AWESOME!

When you arrive at Skydive Vancouver Island our team will provide everything you need to ensure a safe and memorable Tandem Skydive Experience. You will spend about 20 minutes with your qualified Tandem Instructor learning the basic body positions, reviewing any questions, and of course getting your gear on. You will also be introduced to your Videographer. They will be your personal film crew on the ground and during your skydive experience, including outside footage of you free falling! Your entire experience will be caught on film with our hybrid video package which includes both handcam and procam editing, music, and photography.

Once all the training requirements are complete you, your instructor, and your videographer will board our plane and begin the 20 minute journey up to altitude. Exhilaration will run through you as you glance out the plane window where the beauty of Vancouver Island leaves a lasting imprint on your experience. While we climb over Mount Arrowsmith, you will be left mesmerized at the sight of the mountains, the lakes, the forests, the communities, but most captivating is the ocean and the endless visual of the coastline.

On the final minute before your skydive, your senses will be challenged when the plane door opens a little less than 4km above the earth. It's at this point you are free, free from anything that keeps your mind busy everyday. You are in the moment and about to fly! For almost 60 seconds you will add to your life story an experience that words can not justly describe! Travelling at a top speed of 200km/h in freefall will begin with a flip out of the plane and end with the roar of a parachute opening above you.

Your instructor will give you the opportunity to steer the parachute or just sit back and take in all that surrounds you as you soar through the sky for about 4 minutes. Your friends and family can all be at the skydive centre watching your experience from the moment you leave the plane to the excitement you'll share once you've landed.

To celebrate your achievement, you will receive our signature Skydive Vancouver Island hoodie, a personalized certificate of achievement, a fully edited video and over 400 high definition pictures. And it doesn't stop there... you will receive an exclusive gift certificate from a local Oceanside business!

Skydiving is an exhilarating, empowering, serene, lifetime experience waiting for you!

To book your Vancouver Island 12,500 Experience:

call us at 1-250-580-JUMP(5867)

or email us for more information at

Vancouver Island 12,500 Experience includes the following:

  • Tandem Skydive for 1 person from 12,500 feet above Nanoose Bay, BC

  • Fully edited High Definition Video of your experience from 2 angles (ProCam & HandCam)

  • Over 400 High definition pictures of your experience

  • Skydive Vancouver Island hoodie

  • Gift Certificate for a local Oceanside business

  • Personalized Certification of Achievement

Value of Experience $649/person*

*Availability is limited for this experience throughout the season book in advance.

For more about Skydive Vancouver Island visit our web page:

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