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The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association and our Canadian Drop Zones

Updated: May 18, 2020

I am very proud to be a member of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, not only because it is our National organization for Skydiving but because of all the great work it does to support this sport that I truly love. 

The CSPA's mandate is to develop and foster Sport Parachuting in Canada and it does exactly this through the great programs it offers. 

The CSPA offers training programs for athletes at all levels of development and through our programs have developed world champion skydivers that are respected around the world. 

Choosing to skydive at a Skydive Centre that is a member of the CSPA means that you’re choosing a company that supports the high standards set forth by the CSPA while you are also supporting our national athletes and skydivers across Canada with a training system that is second to none.

The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association is recognized by Transport Canada as the national governing body for skydiving. 

A few of the benefits of membership in the CSPA include:

  • 3 million dollars in Third Party Liability Insurance  for skydivers as well as dropzones

  • Participation in an integrated training program that is second to none 

  • Participation in a Coaching and Instructor program that utilizes the theories and systems incorporated by Sport Canada

  • Opportunities to be part of the National Team program as an athlete, coach or judge 

  • Ability to be a part of National Competitions

  • Recieve our National Skydive magazine 5 times per year

  • Worldwide recognition at all FAI dropzones

  • A real cool membership card

By skydiving at a CSPA dropzone you are supporting Skydiving throughout Canada. 

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