Gord Gauvin

Owner/Operator at Skydive Vancouver Island

Gord is the Owner of Skydive Vancouver Island, a Tandem Instructor,  Skydiving Coach and Jump Master. He has been skydiving for over 20 years and is on the board of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association. Gord has lived on the island for the last 7 years and is excited to share the magnificent views and experience that Skydive Vancouver Island has to offer.

Hootch B

Tandem Master at Skydive Vancouver Island

Michael “Hootch” discovered his passion for skydiving in 2002 when his baseball coach signed the team up for a skydive. Hootch has been jumping ever since. With over 3000 jumps, Hootch is a CSPA Coach 1, Coach 2, Jump Master, Ground Control Instructor, Skydive School Instructor, Skydive School Examiner, Progressive Free Fall Instructor, and is exhibition jump rated. Hootch’s keen sense of safety along with a light-hearted, fun approach to everything makes skydiving with Hootch unforgettable.

Emmet B

Tandem Master and Coach at Skydive Vancouver Island

Emmet started skydiving in 2000 and fell in love with the sport instantly. Not only has he become a leading Tandem Instructor, Tunnel Instructor and Industry Coach, he has been competitive in the sport holding several medals in a variety of skydiving disciplines.   In 2015 Emmet was a part of the 164 way vertical (head down) World Record which is an accomplishment demonstrating Emmet's insane skydiving skill! 


Jesse G

Tandem Master at Skydive Vancouver Island & Rigger A1

Jesse did his first skydive 17 years ago and since that time has made over 5000 skydives.  He has worked in Alberta, BC, Australia and Mexico in this time and loves the chance to share his passion for the sport with anyone he can.  Jesse is certified as both a Sigma and Strong rated Tandem Instructor. He carries certification in Coaching through the Coaching Association of Canada, as well as, Exhibition Jump Rating and PFF Instructor Rating with the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association.

Colin D

Tandem Master at Skydive Vancouver Island

Colin is returning in 2020 for his second season as a Tandem Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island.  Colin has been skydiving for just over 6 years and in that time has done over 2000 skydives.  Colin is also a skydiving coach and rigger. His enthusiasm and passion for the sport are sure to be contagious around the drop zone!  

Jason F

Ground Crew at Skydive Vancouver Island

Jason has been skydiving for the last 4 years and finds a thrill in it like no other.  Jason joins our team this year as a part time packer and ground to air controller. His passion for the sport is contagious and when he is not at the Drop Zone, you can often find him hiking the hidden secrets on Vancouver Island.

Allison C

Manifest at Skydive Vancouver Island

Allison is the "Go To Girl" at the Drop Zone. If you don't see her running around the DZ helping customers and organizing our team, you will find her plugging away at our Social Media platforms and planning out the next big event. Although she has 80 skydives logged, Allison prefers to watch the skydivers as she is playing golf around the Qualicum Beach area.

Chris B

Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Chris packed up his life, 4 dogs, and 2 cats in the summer of 2018 and made his way from Ontario to Vancouver Island! His first stop off the ferry was at our drop zone and they quickly fell in love with the area now calling Qualicum Beach home! Chris has been skydiving for 5 years and has gained over 500 jumps in that time. He is a Coach 1 instructor and is passionate about continually learning to grow in the sport! He joins our team this season as a full time videographer and can't wait to capture your moment!

Krystal J

Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Krystal is the sunshine on our drop zone! With over 500 jumps in her log book accumulated over the last 3 years, there isn't any skydiving discipline that she hasn't loved, but she shows off the biggest smiles while participating in CRW jumps! Joining our team in 2018 as a part time videographer, you will always find yourself on a fun adventure while she films your awesome skydive experience! If you don't see her at the DZ she's probably exploring the bottom of the ocean scuba diving!

Lucas S

Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Lucas is known around the drop zone as our token Aussie and brings a ton of energy with him! He came to the Island in 2017 and quickly added over 500 jumps to his skydiving experience! Lucas also enjoys supporting other skydivers with his Coach 1 & 2 Certification. Lucas loves to be in the air and captures some of the greatest outside video of our Tandem Skydive passengers! It's always a ton of fun when you are flying in the sky with Lucas. 

Erwin P

Pilot at Skydive Vancouver Island

Erwin joins our team this season as one of our primary pilots. With over 1000 hours of flying single and multi engine aircrafts, Erwin loves soaring high above the beaches of Qualicum! Learning to skydive in 2018, if you don't see him flying our plane chances are he'll be jumping out of it! Born in Germany and moving to Canada in 2001, Erwin not only has a passion for flying he loves being outdoors hiking and hitting the trails with his mountain bike!  

Darren H

Chief Pilot at Skydive Vancouver Island

Darren joined our team for the 2018 season as our Chief Pilot. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Darren found an interest in flying planes over 20 years ago. He has his commercial pilot license and when he is not dropping skydivers, you can find him enjoying water sports and fishing out on Sprout Lake.   

Parachute Pete

Exhibition Jumper with Vancouver Island Demostration Parachute Team

Pete, better known as Parachute Pete,  joins the Vancouver Island Demonstration Team again this season. Most famous for his crazy pants and smoke shows, Parachute Pete brings a whole new level to our Demonstration Jumps. He often brings along his son Alex, who has exceptional photography talent to capture these fun events and his amazing wife, Shellayne who assist with ground crew. 

Ashley & Dylan

Ground Crew at Skydive Vancouver Island

Ashley and Dylan are our sibling team and part of the business as family! They both are often seen at the Drop Zone picking up skydivers in the golf cart and helping with ground to air control. They have both experienced Tandem Skydiving several times, therefore help first time jumpers through the roller coaster of emotions. Ashley was awarded the Employee of the Year in 2015!

Chris S

Sponsored Athlete with Skydive Vancouver Island

Chris began his Skydiving career on Vancouver Island. He spent 2013/14 working in Australia as a Packer and Videographer.  He joined our team in 2015 where he quickly progressed in Canopy Piloting (Swooping). Chris now lives in Sweden where he proudly represents Skydive Vancouver Island in National and International competitions. His goal is to join the Canadian National Team in 2019.  Chris is a native Nanaimoian.

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