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Gord Gauvin Skydive Vancouver Island Owner

Gord Gauvin

Owner/Operator of  Skydive Vancouver Island

Gord is the owner of Skydive Vancouver Island and ready to greet you with his infectious positive personality! With over 30 years experience in the sport, Gord has accomplished over 4300 skydives. Being a Tandem Instructor has become his favorite part of skydiving! Seeing the excitement and happiness from a person doing their first jump makes every day working awesome! He is passionate about cultivating a safe and memorable experience for everyone! Gord has lived on Vancouver Island since 2013 and loves sharing the magnificent views and experience that Skydive Vancouver Island has to offer!  

Aidan at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor & Rigger at Skydive Vancouver Island

Beginning his skydiving career over 40 years ago, 20,000+ skydives and still counting, Aidan brings not only a vast range of knowledge and experience, but a love for the sport that is just as strong as when he started. Joining the Skydive Vancouver Island Team in 2023 as a Tandem Instructor, he also spends a lot of time working with our students and experienced jumpers refining their skills. Having been on several Canadian National Teams, he has experienced so much that this sport has to offer. Aidan also has a deep passion for the equipment and has his CSPA Rigger and FAA Master Rigger ratings where he continues to provide rigging services as a full time career. 

Wade at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor & SSE at Skydive Vancouver Island

Beginning his skydive adventure in 2008, Wade quickly fell in love with the sport and most of all the community of skydivers. He has not only accumulated over 2000 jumps since then, Wade has also become an accomplished Tandem Instructor, Progressive FreeFall Instructor, Skydive School Instructor & Examiner, and Coach, in turn helping many new students and progressing experienced skydivers achieve their goals. Wade’s favorite part of the sport today is the people and he is always ready to greet you with a huge smile!

Ben at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island

Joining the Skydive Vancouver Island Team in 2021, Ben is no stranger to the sky with over 7,000 skydives. He has brought smiles to first time jumpers from one coast of Canada to the other and even spent time in Australia where he found his second love ~ surfing! Ben's favorite part of the skydive is canopy piloting, whether he is showing his tandem passengers the stunning coastlines while soaring under canopy or helping develop students and experienced sport jumpers canopy skills. One thing Ben knows for sure is that Vancouver Island is awesome and he can't wait to explore more of it!

Chris at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem Instructor & Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Chris joined the team at Skydive Vancouver Island when he packed up his home in Ontario and headed west in 2018. It was the best decision he made and since has fallen in love with everything the Island has to offer, including our epic skydiving centre he now calls his home away from home! As an instructor and videographer for our Tandem Skydives, he loves capturing those once in a lifetime moments first time passengers are experiencing. From the smiles, the screams, to the look of pure joy, Chris is there and ready to provide the experience of a lifetime!

Gavan at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem Instructor & Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Starting his skydiving in 2006 in Alberta, Gavan didn't realize at the time how much the sport would be an integral part of his life. In 2012 he began skydiving in the Canadian military. Since then he has completed over 1100 jumps and acquired several ratings including his Tandem Instructor, CSPA Coach 2, and Jump Master. Gavan's passion is all about getting people into the sport so they can experience the awesome community and thrill of freefall. He loves sharing with others the personal growth and boost in confidence skydiving brings!

Ray at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island

Ray did his first AFF jump in 1996, but time and money constraints conspired to ensure it took until 2009 to finish. Since then he has done more than 2900 jumps, mostly on his belly, and has a rule that every skydiving discipline should be sampled multiple times. He works in the sport doing videography, coaching, tandems, and PFF, and started coming to Skydive Vancouver Island in 2022. He has competed provincially and nationally, but primarily enjoys just getting out the door of the plane. Doing so with a student, and being allowed to share in that student's thrill and achievement, is still one of his greatest passions in skydiving!

Emmet at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island

Emmet started skydiving in 2000 and fell in love with the sport instantly. Not only has he become a leading Tandem Instructor, Tunnel Instructor, and Industry Coach, Emmet has been competitive in the sport. He holds several  medals in a variety of skydiving disciplines. In 2015 Emmet was a part of the 164 way vertical (head down) World Record which is an accomplishment demonstrating Emmet's insane skydiving skills! One of Emmet's favorite aspects of skydiving is the freefall and he enjoys teaching new skills to sport jumpers looking to enhance their own skills in the sky! 

Krystal at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island

Krystal embraces life with a full love of adventure! Going for her first tandem skydive in 2016, it took her a few tandem jumps before gaining the nerve to go Solo but once she did there was no looking back. Krystal quickly progressed in the sport, surrounding herself with many people that became her "sky family". Her pure joy in skydiving led her to earn her coach ratings, as well as, her Tandem  Instructor rating so she could share the experience with everyone! When Krystal is not in the sky she is often found deep in the ocean scuba diving with her octopus besties!

Colin at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island

Taking to the sky for the first time in 2013, Colin instantly felt the skydive vibes and signed up right away to learn to skydive! Since then Colin has over 2,100 jumps and 40 hours of tunnel time and several ratings including his Tandem Instructor, PFF Instructor, Jump Master, and CSPA Coach 2 (just to name a few)! Colin's fun loving personality creates a fun and safe learning environment. His determination to excel in the sport while always having the best time ever is what best defines Colin! He is the guy that pumps up the students to have fun and trust in their trained skills! 

Brian at Skydive Vancouver Island


Tandem & PFF Instructor & Rigger at Skydive Vancouver Island

Brian has been skydiving for over 27 years and spent a year jumping with the Skyhawks (Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team). When Brian is not taking a tandem student for their first jump, teaching new students as a PFF Instructor, or working with more experienced sport jumpers, he can be found in the weeds of it all as a CSPA Rigger B (the equipment expert)! When Brian is asked how many jumps he has done his answer is always, "Not Enough". He loves that in skydiving you are never too experienced to learn something new. Brian is an overall accomplished skydiver with a passion for wingsuiting and teaching others.

Donnie at Skydive Vancouver Island


PFF Instructor and Coach 2 at Skydive Vancouver Island

Having had his first taste of skydiving in 1989 Donnie found an instant connection with the sport. The more he continued to skydive, the more he realized how complex the sport is but also how rewarding each jump can be! Skydiving has brought him to some amazing places and he has been fortunate to meet amazing people. Acquiring many ratings, as well as, competing in the sport, Donnie quickly became passionate about sharing the experience with others. He now spends most of his dropzone time sharing what he's learned and learning from anyone else! When he sees his students reach their goals and progress, it brings him a deeper love for skydiving!

Pete at Skydive Vancouver Island


PFF Instructor and Demo Master at Skydive Vancouver Island

Having over 2400 skydives, Pete, better known as Parachute Pete, is most famous for his crazy pants and smoke shows, bringing a whole new level to Vancouver Island events as a demonstration skydive specialist. When Pete is not making crowds hoot and holler with excitement, he brings the same level of excitement to students learning to skydive as a Progressive Freefall Instructor at Skydive Vancouver Island. His vibrant personality and dedication to those new to the sport, sets up our students for success in their skydiving progression. Pete's most honored achievement in the sport was being one of the skydivers participating in the D-Day 75th Anniversary Parachute Jump, in Normandy France.



Parachute Packer & Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Starting his skydiving adventure in 2019, Jordan quickly began to realize that this was the direction he wanted to pursue working opportunities! Acquiring over 550 jumps and earning his CSPA Coach 1 rating are some of his accomplishments towards his long-term goal of being a Tandem Instructor. Working in the industry as a parachute packer for the past 3 years, Jordan has had the opportunity to meet amazing people from across the world. He is super stoked to come explore the West Coast for our 2024 season!  When he isn't packing he is usually shredding the sky on some Vertical Formation or Angle Skydives!

Niki at Skydive Vancouver Island


Rigger & Parachute Packer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Niki has wanted to play in the sky since her teacher busted out that big round play parachute in kindergarten. She moved to the island in 2020 to live her dream of being a nylon compression technician (glorified parachute packer). Joining the Skydive Vancouver Island Team in 2022, she  quickly was immersed to life at the dropzone. Niki also loves skydiving with her passion in artistic freestyle. With over 13 years of packing and 7 years of rigging experience she loves to keep you safe in the sky! She is also a self proclaimed packing matt DJ providing the best tunes at the dropzone!

Erwin at Skydive Vancouver Island


Chief Pilot at Skydive Vancouver Island

Erwin began flying planes in 2009 and has been with the Skydive Vancouver Island Team since 2018. Over 2000 hours of flying time, Erwin has loved flying skydivers over the stunning views here at the dropzone. It didn't take long for Erwin to want to start jumping from the planes and since getting his skydiving license in 2019, he has completed over 250 jumps. His favorite aspect of skydiving is getting the speed on a solid angle or track jump. Although skydiving has become one of his favorite activities, Erwin's first passion is flying the plane and mentoring our team of pilots. 

Joey at Skydive Vancouver Island


Cessna 206 Pilot at Skydive Vancouver Island

Joey, is  a pilot who's truly passionate about aviation and ready to take flight with the Skydive Vancouver Island Team. Originally hailing from Taiwan, he has traversed the skies across Canada, eventually discovering a new family among the stunning vistas of Vancouver Island in 2024. Committed to ensuring your safety and creating unforgettable moments, Joey is here to transform your skydiving dreams into reality. He can relate to the nervousness you may have on your first jump because he kicked off his season with our team by jumping tandem from our perfectly great airplane for the first time! 

Dustin at Skydive Vancouver Island


Cessna 182 Pilot at Skydive Vancouver Island

Meet Dustin, the embodiment of passion and perseverance in the skies. His journey began in 2014 when he embarked on flight training, fueled by an unyielding love for aviation. With anticipation bubbling in his veins, Dustin eagerly awaits the skydive season, ready to embrace his calling once more.
Joining the Skydive Vancouver Island family, Dustin brings not only his expertise but also a boundless enthusiasm to be part of your unforgettable skydiving experience. With Dustin by your side, get ready to elevate your adventure to new heights, as every jump holds a special place in our hearts and memories that will last a life time! 

Dusty at Skydive Vancouver Island


Videographer & CSPA Coach 2  at Skydive Vancouver Island

Joining the Skydive Vancouver Island team in 2020, Dusty is a dedicated coach and instructor with over 1100 jumps. When he is not busy developing our novice jumpers, he is making sure to capture the exhilaration for our Tandem students. Dusty has completed the Coaching Association of Canada’s Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator programs. He volunteers as a CSPA Coaching Working Committee member and the CSPA CoP Processor. His passion in the sky is for Formation Skydiving and he loves seeing how others progress and grow in our sport be it in the sky or in through achieving their CSPA coach and instructor ratings!

Bryan at Skydive Vancouver Island


Videographer, Coach 2 & JM at Skydive Vancouver Island

Bryan is the Go-To guy for coaching at Skydive Vancouver Island and has been in the sport since 2015. Helping our skydivers progress in the sport through signing off on licensing, coaching jumps, teaching packing, and helping with ground control navigating our students safely to the ground. His patience and clear, concise instruction is greatly appreciated and he is always willing and eager to help those wanting to progress in our great sport. Whether he is capturing a Tandem Students wow factor moment, coaching novices on the ground, or dispatching a student as their Jump Master, Bryan is ready to take individuals through the experience!

Tom at Skydive Vancouver Island


Videographer at Skydive Vancouver Island

Originally hailing from England, Tom’s appetite for adventure and the great outdoors led him to stunning Vancouver Island, where he now calls home. Tom has been a part of Skydive Vancouver Island since 2021, bringing his infectious enthusiasm to our team and marking a new chapter in his skydive journey. Tom’s passion for skydiving ignited in 2019 when he booked his first course and never looked back. As a videographer for our team, Tom delights in capturing the breathtaking moments of skydivers embracing the freedom of the skies, crafting unforgettable stories from incredible heights!

Jen at Skydive Vancouver Island


Videographer & Coach 2 at Skydive Vancouver Island

Jen lives for adventure, so it was no surprise that after her first skydive in 2016 she was hooked! Having over 1000 skydives, Jen most enjoys the freedom of freefall and the ability to maneuver through the air. She was a member of the Skyhawks, our Canadian Armed Forces Military Parachute Demonstration Team. Development in the sport is a key area of focus for Jen and when she is not strengthening her own skills, she loves helping others identify and reach their skydiving goals. When you see Jen hanging on the plane strut ready to film a Tandem Skydive, you can guarantee she is excited and stoked to capture that epic shot!

Tom at Skydive Vancouver Island


Videographer & Coach 1 at Skydive Vancouver Island

In 2015, Tom came out to Skydive Vancouver Island and experienced his first Tandem Skydive. It was an experience that, unknowingly to him at the time, would begin his skydiving journey! Since then he has completed over 1000 skydives and loves expanding his skill level in freefall. Tom's favorite part of being a videographer for our Tandem Skydives, is that moment exiting the plane and seeing the fear shift to absolute amazement. Adding a new level of awesome to the adventure through his video of someone's first skydive, is what Tom strives for each time. 

Ashley at Skydive Vancouver Island


CSPA Coach 1 at Skydive Vancouver Island

In 2020, Ashley came out to Skydive Vancouver Island as a newly CSPA Certified Skydiver. She dedicated her time and began to excel in her skydiving skills in the air and under canopy! Since then she has completed over 300 skydives and loves sharing her passion with new individuals in our sport. Ashley's  favorite part of being a coach is that moment when a new skill is accomplishment by a novice skydiver and the excitement in their achievement. Cool fact: Ashley set the Women's Canadian Record for the longest cross-country (canopy descent) on August 27th 2023 with a distance of 14.31KM over Nanoose Bay & Parksville, BC!



CSPA Coach 1 at Skydive Vancouver Island

Adam started skydiving in 2018, since then he has attained his CSPA Coach 1 and Jump Master ratings, worked as a packer, achieved over 700 jumps, and spent a season with the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the Skyhawks. Adams favorite parts of skydiving are flying wingsuits and helping students progress! When Adam is not geeking out over his flysight data from wingsuit jumps, he is ready to have some fun with fellow skydivers and working with novice jumpers ready to take the next steps in their learning progression goals!

Brandon at Skydive Vancouver Island


CSPA Coach 1 at Skydive Vancouver Island

In 2021, Brandon came out to Skydive Vancouver Island for his first Tandem Skydive and that launched this adrenaline loving guy into a whole new journey of awesomeness! Building his skydiving profile with over 200 jumps in 2 years, Brandon knew that having the ability to share his experience with novice jumpers was the direction he wanted to go in the skydiving community. Achieving his CSPA Coach 1 rating has brought a new excitement to his jumping at Skydive Vancouver Island. Seeing others achieve their goals and challenge themselves to achieve milestones is what makes it even more rewarding to be a coach in the sport!

Veronique at Skydive Vancouver Island


CSPA Coach 1 at Skydive Vancouver Island

Veronique is most passionate about jumping with newer jumpers and making them feel included. The pure joy in being a part of their journey into becoming safe skydivers is a core focus in her coaching. In her own skydiving Veronique continuously tries new disciplines that she once thought she could never achieve. She has become addicted to the feeling of achieving something she thought would be impossible! As a mother, she is often seen at the dropzone having fun with her kids as well and helping other mothers navigate a healthy balance in our sport and in life!

Monica at Skydive Vancouver Island


Social Media Manager & Coach 1 at Skydive Vancouver Island

Although Monica's first love is her four-legged kids, skydiving has added a whole new dynamic to her life. Taking her first skydive in 2017, she didn't imagine how life changing the experience would be. More than 800 jumps later, Monica's progression in the sport is amazing to witness. Monica provides a calm and steady approach to learning that is valued by every novice student she works with. She is known for her hilarious antics under canopy and also works behind the scenes promoting Skydive Vancouver Island on Social Media.

Dylan at Skydive Vancouver Island


Support Staff at Skydive Vancouver Island

Dylan is no stranger to the world of skydiving. In fact, he spent his teenage years hanging out with the skydiving community as his step dad and mom are the owners of Skydive Vancouver Island. This season he finally decided to take the leap into the family business and is excited to increase his knowledge of the operations. With a few skydives already logged, he hopes to continue his skydiving by aiming to achieve his Solo certification!
A true outdoors enthusiast, when Dylan is not at the dropzone he will most likely be found out on the water or on the mountains!

Allison at Skydive Vancouver Island


Manifest at Skydive Vancouver Island

When you need to get things done at the dropzone, Allison is the one to seek out! If you don't see her when you arrive at Manifest to check-in, you will find her helping customers or organizing our Skydive Vancouver Island Team. Allison has over 150 skydives logged but her true love for the sport is creating an environment and experience for first time jumpers, students, and experienced sport jumpers that is incomparable to any other.  As a member of the CSPA Technical & Safety Committee and the Chair for the CSPA Long Term Athlete Development Committee & the Women's Initiative Committee, Allison finds passion in promoting an atmosphere of learning and development in the sport at all levels.  

Erika at Skydive Vancouver Island


UPT Sigma/Vector Tandem Examiner & Coach

Erika made her start as a skydiver in 2005 on Vancouver Island. She went on to become a tandem instructor in 2008 and attended the tandem examiner course in 2010. Erika has since produced countless tandem instructors world-wide. When Erika is not doing or teaching tandems, her preferred discipline is canopy piloting. Erika is an integral part of our Skydive Vancouver Island team sharing her passion about canopy flight and the importance of good canopy skills to students, experienced jumpers and tandem instructors alike. She is committed to teaching and empowering skydivers to take charge of safety in the sport.

John at Skydive Vancouver Island


Skydive Vancouver Island Flight-1 Canopy Course Facilitator

With over 22,000 skydives in the  last 24 years, John has learnt from the school of hard knocks throughout his professional career in the skydiving world. Currently, an Instructor with Flight-1, John has become an integral part of our team at Skydive Vancouver Island facilitating several Flight-1 Canopy courses throughout our season. He is an accomplished member of the Canadian National Canopy Piloting Team with several team and individual wins throughout the years. Having a passion for canopy piloting, John brings this enthusiasm to hundreds of skydivers each year from all skill levels. 

Compton at Skydive Vancouver Island


Skydive Vancouver Island Squirrel Wingsuit Instructor & Sponsored Athlete

Katelyn "Compton" is a multi-faceted professional wingsuit pilot and Squirrel instructor, with 14 years experience in skydiving and 11 years in BASE. She has been on the Canadian National Wingsuit Team for 6 consecutive years and competes in Wingsuit Performance. When she is not nerding out on Flysight data, she loves flying dynamic multi-ways, fast formations, big ways, and proximity lines in the mountains. Her dedication to the sport is evident in her fun and knowledgeable approach to coaching!

Bradley at Skydive Vancouver Island


Skydive Vancouver Island Sponsored Athlete

A seasoned skydiver with over 1600 jumps, Bradley has been taking every opportunity to be in the sky since he started jumping in 2016. In 2018 he started wingsuiting, and when he discovered performance wingsuiting in 2023, it clicked right away. He went on to win 1st in Western Canada and 3rd place in the Canadian Nationals for wingsuit performance that year. With a strong belief in constant improvement and the value of coaching, training and discipline, Bradley has quickly shown to be a strong competitor and has become a respected figure in the local skydiving community. This year he will be going to the World Championships in North Carolina to represent the Canadian national team, with the end goal of being the top Canadian athlete.

Tyler at Skydive Vancouver Island


Skydive Vancouver Island Sponsored Athlete

As an avid surfer, snowboarder, and all round outdoor enthusiast, it came as no surprise for Tyler to find a whole new level of adventure in skydiving! With over 600 jumps since starting in 2014, Tyler quickly found a love for the sky and more recently the awesome feeling he gets when he sets flight out of the plane in a wingsuit! Although skydiving is a big part of his life, he has shifted gears and is now a member of the Canadian Para Snowboarding Team.  Achieving a Gold medal in Snowboard Cross LL1 and a Bronze medal in Snowboard Banked Slalom LL1 for Canada at the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing, Tyler is taking the world by storm and we are blessed to support his journey!

Jack at Skydive Vancouver Island


Skydive Vancouver Island Mascot

There isn't a day that Jack doesn't love hanging out at the dropzone ready to play with humans and dogs alike! Joining the team in 2021, Jack has become accustomed to seeing parachutes soar around the sky above and the excitement as people holler with joy. His energy is never ending but when he is not at the dropzone, Jack can be found lounging at home snoring away getting ready for the next day!

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