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Sport Jumper Details

There is limited capacity for this event.  Only 40 skydivers will be accepted for this event.  Others may register as non skydiving participants.

The package each skydiver purchases includes 10 jump tickets.  Due to shuttling this means that there will be 5 skydives on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.  We have hired a bus to transport skydivers to the plane so that we can hot load 3 loads at time.  Bus will depart at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. If you miss your bus you will miss your skydive and there will be no refunds.  If the DZ cancels a load you will be refunded for each load cancelled.

Our dropzone is located at the Arbutus Meadows Event Centre.  This location will have everything you need for the weekend and the Boogie Fee will cover a lot.

The Boogie Fee is $100 and includes:

-2 nights camping on site

- Boogie T-shirt

-Saturday Night catered BBQ

-Saturday night DJ

-Friday Night Meet and Greet

Arbutus Meadows has a cafe on site which can provide other meals.  There are pay showers on site.  Shuttle to and from the ferry is available.

Jump Tickets are $50 each, you will be required to purchase 10 jump tickets.  You can share your tickets with others, but know that the person you share your tickets with won't be able to jump with you as we are selling 40 slots to fill 2 Skyvan Loads and the balance will be filled with Tandems.

For non jumpers there are lots to see and do in the area.  Local hikes include Englishmen River Falls, Little Qualicum Falls, Arbutus Meadows has wagon rides, petting zoo and a full sized indoor soccer field.

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